Approval Workflows

It is critical that organizations are able to control and check documents or transactions which goes from one organization to another for accuracy as well as completeness. WorksLeader workflows can help you automate your business processes, making them both more consistent and more efficient. The WorksLeader Approval workflow lets you route transactions (Quotes, Carts, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders) to one or more people for their approval.

  • Approval work flow is available for Quotes, Sales Orders & Purchase Orders in the back office or is also available for end customers in the eCommerce store.
  • Create approval work flow rule by customer, distributor, Manufacturer, margin, negative margin, order value, payment method, warehouse or any combination of these and various other parameters. For e.g. You can create an approval work flow which says :-
    1. all quotes created for customer “A” should go through an approval OR
    2. all quotes created for customer “B” with less than 5% margin must go through approval OR
    3. all quotes created for customer “C” where margin is less than 10% and payment method is Net 30 should go through approval.
    4. all quotes created for customer “D” where margin is less than 10% and payment method is Net 30 and manufacturer is HP should go through approval.
    5. All purchase orders with distributor as “Ingram Micro” and manufacturer as HP should go through an approval
  • Multiple approval work flow rules can be combined to create a stage and you can define various stages of approval that a quote or SO or PO may have to go through
  • Make the approval or Rejection remarks mandatory for the approver
  • Add Approvers to approval rules (Who will approve)
  • Assign users who must go through the approval work flows
  • Add Serial (One after another ) or Parallel (All together) approval rules
  • Create your own approval workflow messages and notifications for various rules and parameters
  • WorksLeader also comes with workflow on the eCommerce stores where customers can set up budgets, buying limits, cost centers & approval work flows. For e.g they can set up a buying limit that says all shopping carts for $500 or more should go through a particular approval work flow.