Bid Support for GovEd Resellers

Agencies receive numerous responses to their RFPs. However preparing a response that gives you a professional edge over your competition is no easy task. They look for contractors who have the capability to comply with their requirements. Our highly skilled bid support team has a deep understanding of the procurement process and business needs. This is crucial when it comes to nailing a RFP response. We have designed a bid support package that can help you to successfully bid and win contracts.

In many countries, Government is one of largest procurer of IT products and services, which makes them an attractive client for resellers of all sizes. Although winning a government contract can be rewarding, getting there will require resellers to invest time, money and resources. resellers need to have various online tools to make their business ready for such contracts. For instance, a growing number of contracts expect resellers to have their own online catalog/ecommerce readiness with many of them even demanding online quoting tools and PunchOut-ready stores to simplify the government’s procurement process. In order to fulfill these contract requirements, WorksLeader has come up with unique Bid Support Package for resellers.

What is it?

As a part of our Bid Support package, we closely work with you as your ecommerce/PunchOut compliance partner. We support you at all stages of bidding process and help you to fulfill contract requirements related to Online catalog, Ecommerce, PunchOut etc without spending a lot of money and efforts into it.

What will you Get?

  • A WorksLeader Bid Support team member will be assigned to the reseller to analyze contract requirements related to online catalog/PunchOut etc.
  • The team member will work closely with the reseller to prepare RFP response for the aforementioned requirements
  • resellers will be assisted in preparing power point presentation and other technical documentation needed for the response.
  • WorksLeader can represent you in the bidding process and even give a collaborative demonstration.
  • Get a fully functional ecommerce store up and running with your Catalog at an affordable one-time and monthly fee.
  • Hosted ecommerce store until the resellers wins the bid or continue hosting it.
  • Flexibility to return to the original price after you win the contract. Reseller will be informed about this post contract price in the beginning of purchase of Bid Support package.
  • Flexibility to cancel or continue using WorksLeader platform for a different customer in case a reseller does not win the contract.