Catalog Building and Maintenance

Catalog is the heart of any eCommerce platform. You simply cannot afford to ignore catalog management as it forms the backbone of any online store. However, at the same time maintaining a catalog up to date is easier said than done. In today’s fast moving world, wherein new products are flooding the market every day, it can be difficult to maintain catalog up to date.

We understand that you might be busy with your day-to-day activities and may not get time to manage your product catalog efficiently. However in order to take full advantage of any ecommerce or quoting tool, it is imperative to have an updated catalog. We will become your extended arm in maintaining your catalog.

In order to list products on any online store, it is necessary to present catalog in a format accepted in the ecommerce environment. Many customers have catalog in different formats including Excel, HTML, XML and PDF. With our WorksLeader catalog management services, we can help customers convert their catalog in the digital format so as to make it available online. Our extensive experience in catalog management means you can trust us to maintain your catalog accurately. Some of the top companies across various industries count on us for catalog building and maintenance. We have worked with various ecommerce sites and assisted global clients in building online catalogs

WorksLeader Catalog Management Services

  • We offer a range of services that include content management, data upload, image processing, data updating and maintenance.
  • We can convert both hard and soft copy of your product catalog into digital format to generate industry-standard formatted files for your online customers. So irrespective of your catalog format, we can easily upload the catalog into your ecommerce store.
  • You can use our services to add unlimited products into your catalog. Whether you want to add brand new products or delete underperforming ones, you can completely rely on our catalog maintenance services to continuously update your catalog.
  • Contact us whenever you want to make any updates to your catalog. We will make changes into your catalog and then upload it into your WorksLeader platform. The updated catalog will be available for your sales people to quote and end customers to buy.
  • You can add up to 4 levels of categories into your catalog. We can also work with you to get rich content into your catalog.
  • We also add high quality keywords to optimize catalog pages for SEO to boost your website presence and better engage with your target audience.