Catalog & Content

Catalog is the heart of any Business Management System. It is extremely critical that not only it is easy to add new products but the ongoing maintenance to ensure that it is updated at all times is quick and easy as well. Wrong products showing up in your catalog or incorrect pricing can create liabilities for the business and hence it is important that the catalog is very easy to manage and can be easily kept in check periodically so as to ensure it is most up-to-date and accurate.

WorksLeader catalog management is extremely powerful and user friendly. Also it allows for multiple ways to add products into your WorksLeader application.

Multiple ways to insert and maintain products

  • Add new products one by one
  • Do bulk upload of multiple products at one go
  • FTP utility for automated upload and updates
  • Maintaining a catalog once uploaded is also super easy
  • Refresh the entire catalog or just add the ones that need update

Information you can enter

You can enter almost anything and everything that you have about a particular product. Manufacturer part, Model, Brand, Categories, Small description, Long description, Price, Cost, MSRP, product attributes like colour, size etc., or absolutely anything else can all be entered.

Rich Content

You can also enter rich content like multiple images, videos, related products, Specs etc. The more information you enter, the better you catalog will be.


WorksLeader is efficient and flexible classification system. It supports 4 level of categorization. For Each SKU you can have 4 level of Hierarchy thereby helping you categorize your product better and also analyze spending based on how deep you want to go.

Build your own Keywords, Attributes for Search Filtering

WorksLeader allows for building of your own catalog and different attributes that your users can use for filtering the catalog. For e.g. in case of Monitors, attributes can be screen Size, Color, Resolution, and Touchscreen etc. This is over and above the filtering by brands, price, categories etc.

Fast and Intuitive Search

WorksLeader Search is extremely fast and powerful. It provides intuitive search hints after the first 3 characters are typed. You can search keywords and filter them based on various filters already available and also you can add your own attributes for further filtering.