Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

WorksLeader CRM module has been designed keeping in mind the day-to-day challenges faced by the sales organization of any business. There are a number of CRM software applications which instead of making the life easier for the sales people, actually makes it more difficult. They find themselves feeding data into the CRM throughout the day just to make it work.

WorksLeader CRM removes duplication, rekeying of data and integrates very well with the quoting, E-Commerce and other modules thereby saving a lot of time for the Sales Representatives in entering the information again.

Lead/Prospect Management

The start of any sales process is the unqualified lead, which requires qualification and validation before being treated as a valid opportunity by a sales team. Existing CRM systems put most of the initial burden on the user, requiring them to enter a tedious amount of data upfront. WorksLeader CRM module has made lead capture quick and easy.

  • You can either add a lead one by one or do a bulk upload.
  • Unlimited User defined fields
  • Create a quick quote against a lead. Quick quote just requires an email address in order to create a quote

Opportunity Management

As leads grow into opportunities over the sales process, so do the needs of the sales team in managing these potential customers. A sales forecast is decided by the quantity and the quality of the opportunities held by the team, and it is crucial to manage the data effectively to convert opportunities quickly into effective sales. WorksLeader CRM enables this through features that allow you to both convert existing Leads into Opportunities, Create New Opportunities, and Edit Existing Opportunities.

  • Create a New Opportunity, Edit Existing opportunity
  • Convert a lead into an opportunity quickly
  • Add your own custom fields to the opportunity capture form
  • Create quote for an opportunity
  • Link multiple quotes to an opportunity.

Activity / Task Management

Task Management is the heartbeat of the Sales Process for every representative. A task is any phone call, email, physical meeting, demo, or follow-up that helps move a lead even a fraction closer to an opportunity and an opportunity closer to a sale. WorksLeader always keep the sales team on top of their activities so that they exactly know what needs to be accomplished in a particular day as per priority and if there are any activities that they have missed out on that they need to be reminded about.


WorksLeader CRM module also has an easy-to-use and easily retrievable Notes feature that is vital for providing nuanced information regarding leads and opportunities that withstand as company personnel come and go. As priorities shift with sales representatives, Notes helps keep the trains running on time and ensures opportunities do not slide through the cracks.

Do more with our CRM Module

With our CRM module, you can have all your customer and sales data at your fingertips. This will enable you to make well-informed decisions.


WorksLeader provides built-in reporting features so everyone in the sales cycle has all the information they need at their fingertips. Detailed Reports based on leads, opportunities, and sales can be generated seamlessly from within the CRM module. These reports can also be exported in Excel format for future analysis or organizational planning.


WorksLeader CRM Dashboard gives the user the big-picture view of the major happenings in your CRM System. The user sees recent Activities, recent Opportunities, Sales Pipeline by date, and Opportunity against Sales details, and so on. This helps the user get a quick breakdown of all the goings-on and decide where to go next.

Contact Management

Contact Management is a messy, data-heavy process in any system, but WorksLeader CRM simplifies and makes it a breeze for any sales representative. The user can add a contact one at a time or bulk upload multiple contacts. With a built-in smart function, there is no worry in mixing up Leads, Opportunities, and closed Sales because Leads remain Leads and are converted into a customer if an opportunity is closed and a sale is made.