Get your Business Online! Add Custom branded Ecommerce Store

E-Commerce is no longer a luxury, but an expectation for success. Any business that does not have a web presence is severely limiting its own growth. However just having an E-Commerce does not guarantee success in today’s world where new stores are being launched every minute. WorksLeader takes your successful offline sales model to an E-Commerce world. You can tailor the E-Commerce store for every single customer of yours with a login based look & feel, catalog, pricing, payment methods, shipment methods. Thousands of customers can shop through the same store and still feel that they are buying from a store created exclusively for them thereby winning you customer loyalty and repeat business.

Look & Feel Branding, Design, Quick Uptime, Low Maintenance, Scalable

Use our ecommerce platform to build and grow your business. It comes with a range of features and functionalities that you can take advantage of. It is completely customizable, offering a one-stop-shop for all your website needs.

Look & Feel Branding

Your Webstore conforms to your own branding needs, it looks top notch and comparable to any other expensive and high-maintenance stores at a fraction of the price.


Design your E-Commerce store either based on templates from our existing template library or utilizing your own color schemes and templates.

Responsive Design for Mobile devices

All WorksLeader templates follow responsive designs so that they are adaptable to all platforms like Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets etc.

Your Own Domain

You will always own the domain. Choose your domain as the URL or just use a sub-domain of your existing domain

Easy to Manage

A very simple yet sophisticated design ensures that you do not have to be technical to manage the store.


For a small business you can start with one basic store and your Ecommerce can grow as your need grows

Catalog & Content

Adding your product is quick and easy. Add your own products one off or upload numerous products at once with all attributes and 4 Levels of Categorization

Bundles & Configurations

Add two or more products together and create your own pre-configured bundle or configurations that will be available for purchase and in search.

Advanced Search

We use the most advance technologies to ensure that your customers are able to get to the right product easily and quickly. We also keep adding new keywords based on your customer's search history.

Parametric Search

Add your own product attributes which customers can use to refine search results

Refine Search

Various refine criteria available including stock, Price, Discount, brands, categories etc.

Upsell / Cross sell

Set up Upsell or CrossSell rules for products in the catalog to appear in the shopping cart

Store within Store: Treat every customer special

Create multiple stores with different domains in WorksLeader. Each customer will see their personal product catalog and individual pricing upon login. You can setup personalized promotions with customer specific landing pages to encourage your customers to buy more items.


Powerful Dashboard for every customer. Gives every customer a quick view of everything they are doing.

Customer Specific Landing Pages

Set up customer specific landing pages with customers’ branding to give the feel of a personalized store

Customer Specific Pricing & Catalog

Set price and catalog profile by customer so that they see their negotiated pricing and products upon login Set Payment & Shipment methods by Customer.

Control Payment/Shipment Methods by Logins

Available Payment Methods or Shipment methods can also be controlled based on logins

Add Multiple stores to the same backend

If you deal in different product lines or work in different geographies, you can create multiple stores with different URL’s that can be controlled through the same back end.

Restrict Registrations

Restrict registrations from a particular domain only like a .gov or .edu

Compare Products

Side-by-side comparison is available for up to 8 products at a time


Customers can also set their own favorites by login or for a company as a whole


Your end customers can save, copy, and print shopping carts, and they can even add attachments to their shopping carts like Purchase Orders.

Create Changes on the Go

Maintaining your store is super easy. A very robust backend ensures that even a non-technical person can make changes quickly


Comes readily integrated with a host of shipping companies for real time freight calculation. Add your own freight rules

Payment Gateways

Comes readily integrated with a host of payment gateways. Just connect and start accepting payments.

Add More Power to your Store

Your end customer can create procurement workflows and setup buying limits. You can even setup multiple currencies on your store. It is also possible to create public and private store and even handle government procurement on same website.

Approval workflow/Cost Centers/Budgeting/Buying Limits

The End Customer can create rules based Procurement workflows for controlled buying. Set up buying limit for individuals, create cost center and budget control for each cost centers

Multiple Currencies/Geographies

There are multiple ways in which different geographies can be handled including setting currencies, tax & Freight rules by countries etc.

Public/Private Store

Make a store public and accessible to all or Private and only accessed with valid logins

RFQ on Store

Enable RFQ functionality for customers who are hesitant to buy online. They can request for quotes from you.

Suitable for Govt Procurement

Host of features that make it extremely suitable for companies that sell to Govt.

Reports & Analytics

Generate your own customized spend reports. Add analytics code for in-depth analytics

Do more with your Store

With WorksLeader eCommerce you can always be sure that we have taken care of the most basic to the most complex of your needs.


All our E-Commerce stores comes PunchOut ready. We have done PunchOuts with various systems including PeopleSoft, Ariba, Sciquest, SAP, JD Edwards, Coupa, Oracle financials, and many others.

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Market your Store – Sell More!

Use a host of functionalities including Search Engine Optimization, Catalog export to shopping engines and Market places-like Amazon, Google etc. to market your store better to generate more sales and revenue.

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Professional Services

Need some feature and functionality that we do not currently support? Our team of engineers can take customization requests and turn them around quickly

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