Frequently asked Questions

WorksLeader comes with a built-in Ecommerce module. You can create attractive ecommerce designs in no time completely controlled by the back-end. You can set up your own branded ecommerce store for every customer with their own custom look & feel, products, pricing, shipment & payment methods.
WorksLeader comes with an Ecommerce module that can help you to expand geographical reach of your business. It is a multi-country ecommerce store, which means you can have one BackOffice and store in multiple countries. You can handle different geographical locations with the same ecommerce software. You can add your own tax rules and currency converter to your site for that particular country.
With WorksLeader, you can setup an ecommerce store for every customer as per their own custom look & feel and products. WorksLeader ecommerce stores are highly customizable and configurable that come with unlimited custom pages with ability to do HTML customization that ensures the store can be customized to meet all your branding needs. You can select from a wide variety of ready templates or create your own custom branding.
WorksLeader comes with a built-in Quoting module, through which you can create and send professional looking quotes in no time. It also has a mobile app for quoting which enables you create and send quotes anytime from anywhere using your mobile devices. Moreover, your customers will be able to view and approve the quote online. You can choose from a wide range of Sales Quoting templates or request your own Custom template.
WorksLeader is designed to meet and handle highly complex requirements of your business. It is customizable and can easily adapt to any challenges to meet your business goals. WorksLeader comes with a built-in CPQ module making it easier to configure and quote complex products.
WorksLeader has various modules that can support your rapidly growing business. It comes with a Quoting module that will enable you to create quotes in minutes. It also has a CRM module to organize, track, and manage your leads, opportunities and customers efficiently. WorksLeader also has a built-in Ecommerce module that will allow your customers to purchase online. WorksLeader is scalable, so it can grow as your business continues to grow.
WorksLeader is a highly scalable business management software that can enable your business to grow and succeed online. It is flexible enough to meet your growing business requirements. So with WorksLeader, you can scale up your operations effortlessly while keeping the costs down.
WorksLeader has been designed keeping the most basic Internet user in mind. The interface is sophisticated yet simple, intuitive that can be learned quickly and easily. It can be completely controlled from the back-end, so even if you don’t know HTML, it is possible to design ecommerce stores.
With WorksLeader, you can bring your entire business online. This saves time in quoting. Moreover the chances of quotes getting converted into a sale are significantly higher. Basically, it is a tool that remains connected wherever employeesgo. So they are able to work more efficiently, which in turn enables them to handle more customers. Also, you can drive your sales through ecommerce. This way you can reduce the cost of your sales. Also, you can also use various marketing techniques to get more business through ecommerce. All this will help to grow your business.
WorksLeader is a cloud-based application, so it will not take much of your administration time. All you need is an Internet connection to use the application. You require no installation of any application-specific software to use WorksLeader neither you have to handle and manage system maintenance, upgrades and additional hardware like backup systems. Also, the software has been designed keeping the non-technical users in mind. Moreover, the interface is simple and intuitive making it easier to understand the software product.