WorksLeader can easily integrate with Analytics Tools

Analytics tools provide a wealth of information about your customers, which can help you to make smarter decisions and improve your business immensely. WorksLeader integrates with some of the popular analytics tools like Google Analytics, Clicky, Chartbeat, and Mint.

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Understand your customers

Monitor your website traffic

Measure your store's performance

Analyze your Competition

Analytics tools provide good insights about your competitors

Use analytics tools to study your competitor's traffic. You can use this data to compare your website traffic with your competitors and find out what they are doing differently in terms of design and content.

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Social media advertising campaign

Use analytics tools to decide which social media platform to target.

Analytics tools can provide insights about which social platform most of your target audience is present on. This will enable you to focus your campaigns on platforms with the highest engagement.

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Know about the right keywords

Use analytics tools to find keywords that provide the best results

In order to attract traffic you need to include relevant keywords into your website. Analytics tools can help you to find out keywords that attract the most qualified visitors.

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Easily Integrate with various analytics tools

WorksLeader has custom integrations with Google Analytics Tools

Worksleader integrates with Google Analytics, a popular web analytics platform. Developed by Google, the analytics tools provide information related to different sources of website traffic.

Easily connect WorksLeader with Clicky analytics tool

WorksLeader has custom integrations with Clicky, a web analytics tool that provides website traffic stats in real-time. By scrutinizing this data in real time, you can optimize your website and increase conversions.

WorksLeader has built-in integrations with Chartbeat

With WorksLeader, you can integrate with Chartbeat, a web analytics tool that provides everything related to what's happening with your website.

Analytics and Reports for eCommerce

There are plenty of benefits for incorporating analytics and reporting tools into your eCommerce business.

Get Insights into your Visitors

With analytics and reporting tools, you can get good insights about your customer's purchasing behavior and preferences. This will help you to personalize their shopping experience.

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Analyze your Store's Performance

Analytics tools can help you to measure your store's performance. You can easily find out how many conversions you are getting daily, weekly and monthly. Measure your conversion rate and evaluate how well your store is performing.

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Site Speed Report

Analytics tools come with site speed report that gives a good overview of how quickly consumers can access and interact with your website. The report provides information related to page load time and execution speed.

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