Improve Customer Relationship

With CRM software you can store all your customer-related information. their transactions including carts, orders, and invoices. It serves as a centralized information repository for providing an enhanced customer experience

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Integrated Customer Data

Customer Experience

Opportunity Management


Better Customer Service

Use CRM to enhance business-customer relationships.

With CRM software you can store all your customer-related information - like demographics, order history, customer interactions - at one place. This allows easy access to key information which can help provide better customer service and boost customer satisfaction.

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Increase in Sales

Streamline your sales process with CRM and boost sales.

With CRM, bring more clarity into your sales pipeline. It can take the guesswork out of your sales process. You can automate tasks at every stage of the sales pipeline as well as gather and analyze your sales information from one central location. All this can help to improve productivity and sales

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Increase customer retention

CRM can help to improve customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

CRM software provides vital infomation about your customers which you can use to keep your customers engaged with your products and services. With CRM, you can address customer issues quickly which can have a positive impact on your business

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The CRM has built-in integration with eCommerce and sales quoting module

Integrated with eCommerce

Integrated with eCommerce for your business growth

With eCommerce CRM software integration, customer information along with order history and shipping information is automatically synced into CRM. As a result, CRM users will be better equipped to handle customer queries and issues

Integrated with Quoting Module

Get good customer insights while creating quotes

The CRM application is tightly integrated with the WorksLeader sales quoting module. This allows you to save quotes as opportunities in CRM. You can easily link leads, opportunities, or customers to quotes that are created in quoting software. Create a quote for an opportunity as well as link multiple quotes to an opportunity.

Do more with your CRM Software

CRM gives you the opportunity to personalize your interactions with your customers. For instance, you can send marketing emails using their first contact or give special discounts on their birthday

Integrated System

WorksLeader CRM is already integrated with our quoting and CRM software. This ensures seamless of data between systems through integration

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CRM Reporting

CRM reports can give valuable insights about how well your business is performing. A variety of reports can be generated to get a 360 degree view of your sales. Find out areas that need improvement and impact profitability.

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Professional Services

Need some features and functionality that we do not currently support? Our team of engineers can take customization requests and turn them around quickly.

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