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The catalog is the heart of any Business Management Software. WorksLeader's eCommerce catalog management is extremely powerful and user friendly that allows users to add/upload new products and manage the existing ones without any hassles.

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Catalog Management

Efficient eCommerce catalog management services to make your business successful

WorksLeader offers a plethora of services that include content management, data upload, image processing, data updating, and maintenance. This will help to manage massive product data and ensure accurate and consistent product information in a standardized format

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Catalog Management

Create and Publish Catalog Easily

WorksLeader can easily convert both hard and soft copies of your product catalog into the required digital format. Irrespective of catalog format, be it Excel, HTML, XML, and PDF. WorksLeader can easily upload the catalog into your eCommerce store.

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Catalog Management

Easily add unlimited products to your catalog.

WorksLeader allows you to add unlimited products in your catalog. Whether you want to add brand new products or delete underperforming ones, you can completely rely on our catalog maintenance services to continuously update your catalog.

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Catalog Management

Make catalog updates anytime you want

You can rely on WorksLeader to make any updates to your catalog. whenever you want. We will make changes to your catalog and then upload it into your WorksLeader platform. The updated catalog will be available for your salespeople to quote and end customers to buy.

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Catalog Management

Add up to 4 levels of categories into your catalog

WorksLeader allows you to create up to four levels of categories to classify products. We can also work with you to get rich content including product images, short & long descriptions into your catalog.

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Manage your Product Catalog Efficiently

Add or upload your custom catalog

WorksLeader eCommerce catalog management services will help you to create a catalog that is most suitable for your business. The product information is presented in a user-friendly format. Product categorization, classification, and menus will be implemented once they are approved from your side. Search functionality and product comparison feature are added to your online catalog for enhanced user experience

The Catalog is Uploaded in the Right Format

You can upload unlimited number of products in your catalog. WorksLeader ensures the right product data is reflected at the right place. We will help you to customize your product catalog and ensure that it is easy to navigate. We also add high-quality keywords to optimize catalog pages for SEO.

Catalog Updating

Your customers and sales team require updated information on the products that you sell online. WorksLeader ensures that the information on your catalog is accurate and up-to-date. Our team is updating and normalizing data at regular intervals

Catalog Building and Maintenance

WorskLeader offers a modern approach to eCommerce catalog management that can easily handle the product complexity in your business.

Add Value to Boost Conversions

WorksLeader can cross-sell products in your catalog which can help to create upsell and cross-sell opportunities

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Catalog Export to Marketplaces

WorksLeader will help you to publish your product catalog to some of the most popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. This will help to improve your business visibility and sales

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We also add high-quality keywords to optimize catalog pages for SEO. This, in turn, will bring in organic traffic and drive sales

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