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Worksleader's advanced eCommerce builder helps you design great modern eCommerce stores and helps you go online in no time. Worksleader's eCommerce platform comes loaded with rich and powerful B2B features and a phenomenal customer experience.

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Complete white label solution

Beautiful store templates

Punchout ready online store

Rich B2B Functionalities

eCommerce Store Design

Design Beautiful eCommerce Store with Online Editor

Worksleader's eCommerce builder is a rich online editor which allows the users to create their eCommerce website with a simple drag and drop function without any knowledge of coding.

Start With a Template

eCommerce Store Design

Choose from a rich template library of eCommerce sites

Select your favorite website template from our readymade template library. All the templates are fully customizable and can be edited as per the business requirements of the organization.

Start With a Template

eCommerce Store Design

Responsive design to address all types of website traffic

All our templates are responsive for all devices be it desktop, mobile or tabs. Users can edit the responsive design for the particular device from the online editor - All power in your hands!

Start With a Template

eCommerce Store Design

100% Whitelabelled solution - Connect your domain now!

Worksleader is a 100% whitelabel solution. You will always own the domain. Choose your domain as the URL or just use a sub-domain of your existing domain

Start With a Template

Efficient eCommerce Catalog Management

Custom Product Catalog

Add or upload your custom product catalog

Adding your product is quick and easy. Add your own products one-off or upload numerous products at once with all attributes and 4 Levels of categorization by CSV import.

Product Bundles

Create customized product bundles and configurations

Add two or more products together and create your own pre-configured bundle or configurations that will be available for purchase as well as in the search results.

Increase Ticket Size

Fully-Customizable Recommendation Engine

Easily setup your Upsell or/and Cross-sell rules for products in the catalog to improve product recommendations and suggestions to the end-user helping you increase your average sales value

Customize For Your Customer

Customer Specific Product Pricing and Catalog

Set custom product price and catalog profile by customer so that they see their negotiated pricing and products upon login. Set Payment & Shipment methods by Customer.

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Customize For Your Customer

Control multiple stores from the same backend

If you deal in different product lines or work in different geographies, you can create multiple stores with different URLs that can be controlled through the same backend.

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Customize For Your Customer

Control Payment and Shipment Methods by Logins

Available payment Methods or shipment methods can also be controlled and configured based on the customer logins. All the promotions can be customized to the particular customer as well.

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Customize For Your Customer

Create Customer Specific Landing Pages

Set up customer-specific landing pages with customers’ branding to give the feel of a personalized store. Restrict registrations from a particular domain only like a .gov or .edu

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Complexities of eCommerce Simplified

Approval Workflows

Configure Your Buying Capacities

The End Customer can create rules-based Procurement workflows for controlled buying. Set up buying limit for individuals, create cost center and budget control for each cost centers

Public/Private Store

Login based Stores and Pricing

Create a public eCommerce website for your general audience with the ability to create a private login-based storefront for an audience with customized pricing and catalog

RFQ for Stores

Manage RFQs Efficiently

Enable RFQ functionality for customers who are hesitant to buy online. They can request quotes from you which gets logged, execute all customer communication from the application

Freight Partners

Freight and Shipping Covered

Comes readily integrated with a host of shipping companies for real-time freight calculation. Add your own freight rules

Payment gateway

All top payment gateways included

Comes readily integrated with a host of payment gateways. Just connect and start accepting payments.

Smart Analytics

Customer Data that Matters

Generate your own customized spend reports. Add analytics code for in-depth analytics.

Government Contracts

Suitable for Government Contracts

Host of features that make it extremely suitable for companies that sell to Govt.

Do more with your store

With WorksLeader eCommerce you can always be sure that we have taken care of the most basic to the most complex of your needs.


All our eCommerce stores come PunchOut ready. We have done PunchOuts with various systems including PeopleSoft, Ariba, Sciquest, SAP, JD Edwards, Coupa, Oracle financials, and many others.

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Market your Store – Sell More!

Use a host of functionalities including Search Engine Optimization, Catalog export to shopping engines and Marketplaces like Amazon, Google, etc. to market your store better to generate more sales and revenue.

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Professional Services

Need some features and functionality that we do not currently support? Our team of engineers can take customization requests and turn them around quickly

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