Use WorksLeader to Manage Government Contracts

WorksLeader platform has been designed to meet the unique requirements of businesses that sell to Govt. We support companies for hundreds of state and local contracts including some large Federal contracts like DHS FirstSource, Netcents, SEWP, Eagle, ITES-2H & ITES-3H, ECS, etc. We also support GSA Schedules and BPA and our product is designed to meet the needs of all these contracts.

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Manage Government Contracts

Remain in Compliance at all Times

Government Contract Management

Functionalities Available in WorksLeader for Government Resellers

WorksLeader's government contract management system comes with a host of functionalities both on the BackOffice and the eCommerce side which are designed keeping in mind businesses that sell to Govt. We handle contract catalog with CLIN handling, contract pricing, and also other compliance functionalities like 508 Compliance, etc. We also provide various payment methods specific to Govt. on the eCommerce Store.

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Government Contract Management

Bid Support Package for GovEd Businesses

WorksLeader also offers a unique “Bid Support Package” where we become your extended arm and be with you at all stages of the contract from RFI to Award and post-award maintenance. Please click here to learn more about our "Bid Support Package"

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Worksleader helps Resellers win government contracts

Bid Support for GovEd Resellers

In order to fulfill these government contract requirements, WorksLeader has come up with a unique Bid Support Package for resellers.

Bid support package specifically designed for government resellers

As a part of our Bid Support package, we closely work with you as your eCommerce /PunchOut compliance partner. We support you at all stages of the bidding process and help you to fulfill contract requirements related to Online catalog, eCommerce , PunchOut, etc without spending a lot of money and efforts into it.

How we help?

A WorksLeader Bid Support team member will be assigned to the reseller to analyze contract requirements related to online catalog/PunchOut etc. The team member will work closely with the reseller to prepare an RFP response for the aforementioned requirements. Resellers will be assisted in preparing powerpoint presentation and other technical documentation needed for the response.

Bidding Process

WorksLeader can represent you in the bidding process and even give a collaborative demonstration. This can help to increase your chances of winning the government contract

What we offer?

You get a fully functional eCommerce store up and running with your Catalog at an affordable one-time and monthly fee.

WorksLeader Features for Government Resellers

WorksLeader platform has been designed to fulfill the exact needs of businesses that sell to government

PunchOut / Roundtrip

All our E-Commerce stores come PunchOut ready. We have done PunchOuts with various systems including PeopleSoft, Ariba, Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest), SAP, JD Edwards, Coupa, Oracle financials, and many others.

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Modifications / Enhancements

We also have an In-House team of highly experienced engineers who can take any enhancement or modification request for a particular contract and turn it around quickly for contract compliance and management.

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Remain in Compliance at all times

Using WorksLeader, you remain in compliance and competitive without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on software platform licenses, in-house infrastructure, IT staff, development budgets and integration projects.

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