Get Punchout-Ready Online Stores

WorksLeader supports PunchOut catalog integration in cXML and OCI format, with various third-party procurement platforms like SAP, PeopleSoft, Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest), Ariba, JD Edwards, and many others. This will enable your B2B customers to go directly to your website and get access to their contract-specific catalog and pricing in real-time.

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Streamline Procurement

Connect with B2B/B2G Customers

Single Sign-On

Provide Direct Access to Contract Catalog

PunchOut Catalog Solution

Offer One-Click Shopping Experience

The customers don't have to login twice to access their contract catalog. They have to just click a link in their procurement system that takes them directly to their supplier's contract catalog

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PunchOut Catalog Solution

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

PunchOut catalog provides an easy way to place the order online. It offers a personalized shopping experience as buyers have access to their contract catalog only. They don't have to wade through non-contract products to make purchases. All this can have a positive impact on customer's loyalty and satisfaction.

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PunchOut-ready Stores

Sell Complex Products

Sell a range of product configurations

WorksLeader's PunchOut catalog supports products that require configuration. Display a range of configurations in HTML format. Your customers can select and configure products on the store itself.

Increase Order Accuracy

PunchOut offers real-time pricing & availability which ensures order accuracy

With the PunchOut catalog, you can update product pricing and inventory in real-time. Customers don't see outdated information. As a result, purchase orders are always accurate.

Do More with your PunchOut Website

PunchOut catalog comes with a host of features and functionality that can help to grow your business.

Apply your Own Branding

You can upsell and cross-sell products, offer personalized discounts and coupons, and present products the way you want on your PunchOut website.

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Level 2 PunchOut

We also offer level 2 PunchOut functionality that will enable your buyers to search and find products from within their procurement system. This eliminates the need to 'punch out' to every supplier's site to search for products.

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Professional Services

Need some features and functionality that we do not currently support? Our team of engineers can take customization requests and turn them around quickly

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