If you are dealing with B2B and B2G customers such as large corporations, government agencies, educational institutions etc., make it easy for them to do business with you by providing PunchOut connection to their procurement system. PunchOut offers a convenient way for such customers to shop and place orders from within their own procurement application. So if you make your product/services available via PunchOut, it would surely increase your chances of winning contracts with large customers

Nowadays more and more suppliers are setting up PunchOut for their large customers. Suppliers can now easily offer their customers with customized catalog content, personalized shopping experience and real-time content updates via PunchOut. With PunchOut, suppliers can receive and respond to orders faster, which can help boost customer satisfaction. Thus, by offering PunchOut capable B2B/B2G ecommerce platform, suppliers will be able to retain their biggest customers, which is vital to their company’s success.

At WorksLeader, we have a crew of PunchOut experts who have delivered both simple and complex Punchout enabled ecommerce store. Our professional team can make your business ‘PunchOut ready’ within days. We have many years of experience connecting various organizations to their large customers via PunchOut. So you can completely rely on us to make your website PunchOut enabled.

What is PunchOut?

PunchOut is a protocol that establishes a direct connection between the customer’s procurement system and the supplier’s ecommerce site. This allows the customer to access their supplier catalog from within their procurement application. The PunchOut Catalog is unique as it features only pre-approved products with contract pricing. It eliminates the need to browse through the entire supplier catalog and moreover the customer no longer has to manually calculate special pricing that is part of contract. As a supplier, you have full control over product information and can even offer customized promotions to increase sales.

How Does a PunchOut Catalog Work?

Following are the steps involved in PunchOut process

  • In a PunchOut setup, the customer logs into his procurement system and ‘punches out’ with a single click to access the storefront of the supplier.
  • This initiates a PunchOut session and allows the customer to view the supplier’s store within his own procurement system.
  • PunchOut catalog is configured for that specific customer’s procurement system. Hence, it will feature only pre-approved or contract products. The customer then browses through his pre-approved catalog and adds items to the shopping cart.
  • When the customer checks out from the supplier’s PunchOut site, the cart along with the selected items return to the procurement system. The customer does not follow the traditional business-to-consumer (B2C) process.
  • After the cart returns to the customer’s procurement application, the order goes through the normal workflow to get approval.
  • Upon receiving the approval, a purchase order is created from the procurement system and sent via email, fax etc. to the supplier.

In some cases, the customer wants to send purchase order in electronic format that include cXML or XML. Although ‘cXML standard’ has not yet evolved to the point of general use, our PunchOut-enabled store capable can support purchase orders in any format. This means the customer can also send purchase orders electronically to the supplier and speed up the procurement process.

WorksLeader supports PunchOut catalog solution with customers that use the following Procurement systems:

  • Ariba
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • PeopleSoft
  • SciQuest
  • Coupa
  • JD Edwards
  • Other cXML compatible systems

We also support buyers who use their own home-grown system for procurement. Our team of experts develop a Custom PunchOut Catalog solution. Hence any customization required in the PunchOut process will be implemented. We have designed a unique integration framework to fulfill any PunchOut requirements, no matter how complex they are.

WorksLeader PunchOut Setup Process

  • Being a customer-centric organization, we focus on the unique PunchOut requirements of the customer.
  • We are in constant touch throughout the process and discuss if any other additional customizations are needed.
  • Our team of specialists then configures the PunchOut as per the requirements. We then test your PunchOut site and check whether it meets your expectations.
  • Once accepted, PunchOut catalog will be launched for regular use.

One Ecommerce Store can Support Multiple PunchOuts

There is no limit on the number of PunchOuts that can be configured through one single Ecommerce. To be more specific, your supplier catalog can support multiple PunchOuts for different customers. For instance, if you want PunchOut catalog integration for each of your 10 customers, there is no need to have 10 Ecommerce stores. You can just configure PunchOut separately for each customer from the same store. Thus, you can accept orders from both PunchOut and non-PunchOut customers from the same ecommerce store. Our WorksLeader platform is one-stop shop for all your ecommerce development needs.