Reports & Analytics

Reporting is important for running any business successfully. It gives detailed insights about all areas of your business. Reporting allows you to understand how your business is performing against the set goals and moreover provides data to track progress. You can make more accurate and informed decisions using the reports you need.

WorksLeader has a very extensive reporting module that allows you to generate comprehensive reports to get clear visibility into your entire business process. Multiple predefined reports are readily available in the system and automatically generated with up-to-date information. So whether you are a sales person creating quotations or managing opportunities in CRM, WorksLeader allows you to generate reports that showcase the most important information you need to analyze.

With WorksLeader, you can generate reports on different metrics so as to capture each and every stage of quoting and selling process. You can generate reports to find quotes that have been converted or are still in the negotiation phase. You can also identify quotes that are still viable by knowing the average days it takes to close a sale.

There are various preconfigured reports on the ecommerce side as well for your customers. These reports can be generated based on their spend report. As a reseller, you can also generate detailed BackOffice reports that correctly reflect your weekly and monthly sales performance.


We also have export options for exporting the contents of the Report out of the WorksLeader system so that you can import it in any format including Excel CSV, HTML and PDF into your reporting engine. This ability to export data to your system will enable you to run your own reporting.


We also offer customization services for customers who want different reports that are not available in WorksLeader. We can create highly effective reports as per your requirements that give better insights into your business. These reports can reveal information that is often lost in standard reporting. Custom reports give you the flexibility to view only specific information and the way you want it. You can decide which data to report on, define the filtering criteria and even specify report output.


Understanding and using analytics is critical for your business. Irrespective of the size of your online business, Analytics help you to gauge your store’s performance. It gives a clear picture about what is happening on your site and enable you to determine customers with highest conversion rates. In case you are using any analytics like Google analytics, Clicky, Chartbeat and Mint, WorksLeader allows you to integrate your own analytics tools to track and monitor your traffic. You can embed analytics code into our application and get more information about your website visitors