Quotes, Proposals, Configure-Price-Quote and much more

WorksLeader comes with a User-friendly & simple yet sophisticated quotes and proposal module that makes putting together even the most complex quotations and proposals quick and easy. With WorksLeader Quoting module you can build a professional quote and proposals equipped with all the necessary information laid out in an easy-to-read and attractive template in fraction of the time. It provides tremendous power to your sales representatives by equipping them with all the necessary information and tools to create high quality and accurate sales quotations efficiently. The cloud application ensures that you are able to create a quote – no matter what time of the day it is or where you are. Every quote or proposal that you create will also link to the CRM Module so that you have complete information on all your quotes and activites at all times. With WorksLeader, your sales team will spend less time quoting and more time selling.

WorksLeader lets you

Create, send and Manage sales Quotes and proposals Anytime/Anywhere

Using WorksLeader Quoting module you can create and send even the most complex quotations in fraction of the time, saving a lot of bandwidth for your sales team to focus on Customers and business!

Creating a Quote or Proposal

Create new quote. Copy existing quotes. Save, edit, print or export quotes. Create and maintain quote versions.

Multiple Quote Templates

Choose from multiple available templates at quote/Business level. Request your own Custom template.

Add / Import Items

Search and Add an item from your catalog or create a new item on the fly while quoting. Import bulk Spreasheet.

Group Items

Group similar items in a quote together to help customers understand quote better.

Rules based calculation

Price, Tax, Freight, Discounts etc. are automatically calculated through rules or third party connections.

Sending a quote or proposal

Send quote as Word, Excel, PDF, Web URL or make it available on the eCommerce store.

Unlimited User Defined Fields

Capture all necessary information when quoting by creating your own fields and values.

Add Notes

Add External/Internal notes to the quote based on need.

UpSell / CrossSell

Provide UpSell or CrossSell suggestions on your items added to the quote.

Add Collaterals to the Quote

Attach documents like Collaterals, Worksheets, Guides, PDF or any other documents that should go with the quote.

Maintain price history

For each item quoted in the past so that you always have a reference guide when quoting.

Quick Quoting

Just add an email and products and send a quote. Add the rest of the information when quote converts to a sale.

Complex Quoting that that integrates with CRM

As your organizations grows your needs evolve. WorksLeader quoting module helps you create quotes for even the most complex requirements quickly. You can Configure-Price-Quote in no time and manage the entire lifecycle of a sale in the CRM Module


Create custom bundle on the fly or search and add a preconfigured bundle from the catalog to the quote.

Product Configurator

Create configurable products and services to automate pricing of complex products at the time of quote creation.

Approval Workflow in Quoting

Create your own serial or parallel approval workflow rules for quoting based on various criterion like price, margin, Payment method etc.

Inside / Outside Sales Representatives

Link Inside Sales Reps to Outside Sales Reps. Inside Reps produce Quotes and Outside Reps can manage the account and sale under CRM.

Quoting & CRM

All quotes link to CRM Module. Create new opportunity for every quote or link multiple quotes to single opportunity.

Quoting for Contracts

Several built-in features to help Businesses that sell to Government. Apply contract, Select products from contract catalog, apply contract pricing etc available.

Do more with our Quoting Module

With WorksLeader Quoting Module you can do much more than just quoting! Our flexible design also ensures that we work seamlessly with your other enterprise systems!

Third Party Integrations

Integrate WorksLeader with your own CRM or any other application. Choose from our wide range of integrations or request a custom integration.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate your own precanned reports or request a custom report. We maintain your complete quote history at all times.

Professional Services

Need some feature and functionality that we do not currently support? Our team of engineers can take customization requests and turn them around quickly.