An All-in-One Software Designed for Enterprises

WorksLeader is a robust enterprise platform that makes it easy to handle the complexities of your large business. It has all the capabilities of enterprise eCommerce. The platform has 5 core modules; eCommerce , CRM, sales quoting, procurement, and supplier inventory. All these modules are tightly integrated to provide you one seamless experience.

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eCommerce made Easy

Create your store easily with our drag-and-drop visual builder

WorksLeader has a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to build optimized pages for eCommerce without writing a single line of code. The platform has a wide range of eCommerce templates that can be easily customized to meet the exact needs of your enterprise.

Create your Store

eCommerce made Easy

A Complete White Label Solution

WorksLeader's enterprise software solutions gives you the flexibility to design your store as you want. It is a 100% white label solution that you can use to build your own brand by adding your company's name, logo, URLs, icons, etc.

Design your Store

eCommerce made Easy

Build a Responsive Website

WorksLeader comes with a range of responsive templates that are optimized for all devices. You can create a multi-device site that works well on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even desktops.

Build eCommerce Store

eCommerce made Easy

Support for Third-Party Integrations

You can easily integrate third-party systems like CRM, ERP, accounting software, etc., with your WorksLeader store. WorksLeader is also integrated with various freight companies, so you can offer different shipping options to your customers. Integrations with widely used payment gateways will enable you to accept payments online.

Integrate third-party systems

eCommerce made Easy

Fuel even more sales with new-age marketing tools

With WorksLeader's enterprise software solutions, you can access its various marketing features like search engine optimization and catalog export to marketplaces and shopping engines, which can help you to rank higher in search results and grow your revenue.

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A Sophisticated Sales Quoting Software

Pre-designed templates

Ready-to-use attractive sales quoting templates

With WorksLeader, you can have branded templates for your quotes and proposals. The templates are designed to be customizable with company logos, different fonts, and color schemes.

Create Quotes and Add Products

Manage quoting easily and focus more on sales

Accelerate quote creation with WorksLeader that is designed to reduce the cost and efforts required to manage quoting. Pick products from your catalog and add them to WorksLeader with a single click. Add products one-by-one or bulk import.

Quote on the fly

Quickly create quotes without adding necessary details

Quote quote feature allows you to create a quote against an email address. No need to add contact name and address to generate a quote. Add products to the quote and send. If the quote gets accepted, you can add contact details.

Complex Quoting

Reduce the time and efforts it takes to create complex quotes.

Whether you are selling product bundles or configurations, WorksLeader makes it easy to create complex quotes. You can automate quoting with a preprogrammed set of rules and ensure error-free pricing for every conceivable configuration.. Add upsell/cross-sell suggestions and approval workflows to the quote

Quoting for Government Contracts

Selling to the Government made easy

WorksLeader is equipped with functionalities to help SMBs to sell their products to the government. Features like contract catalog and pricing have been designed to keep the unique requirements of government sellers.

Ecommerce Product Catalog Management

Product Catalog for eCommerce and Sales Quoting

A well-designed online catalog is crucial to the success of any eCommerce website. and for a more efficient quoting process. This enterprise business software offers robust catalog management features to enrich your online storefront and simplify quoting

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Ecommerce Product Catalog Management

Quickly create and publish your catalog

No matter what format your catalog is in, we have the tool to convert it into the required digital format and upload it to your eCommerce store. Whether the catalog

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Ecommerce Product Catalog Management

Add Unlimited Number of Products to a Single Catalog

Scalability is a crucial aspect of an enterprise. WorksLeader has been designed to accommodate growth as your business expands. Hence, it allows you to add an unlimited number of products to your catalog. No additional fees charged to add new products.

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Ecommerce Product Catalog Management

Efficient Catalog Management Service

You can rely on WorksLeader to build , maintain and update your catalog regularly to ensure your information is accurate to the detail. We offer services like content management, image processing, data updating, and maintenance.

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Manage your Purchase Order Effortlessly

Create, Send and Manage Purchase Orders like a Pro

WorksLeader gives you the flexibility to view pricing from multiple distributors prior to purchasing. Once the purchase has been made, the sales order can be converted to purchase order with just one click. Establish rules to automate purchase order creation. WorksLeader will create and send the purchase order to the appropriate distributor. This workflow automation eliminates manual intervention and increases efficiency

Split and Partial Purchase Order

Split sales order into multiple POs

The enterprise business software allows you to split your sales order into multiple purchase orders (POs) easily. This splitting feature enables you to associate one sales order. Alternatively, you can even combine multiple sales orders and create one purchase order.

Reduction in Approval Time

Ensure compliance for every transaction

With WorksLeader, you don't have to spend time in gaining approvals. You can establish approval criteria based on Manufacturer, Purchase Order Value, Supplier, Warehouse, etc. The quote is automatically routed to the concerned parties for approvals, thereby reducing the waiting time.

End-to-End Tracking

Shipment Notification and Serial Number Tracking

WorksLeader's procurement software allows you to keep track of your order management life cycle. You can add shipment tracking information to your order. This will enable your customers to track their orders easily.


Maintain a centralized database of Information

An integrated CRM will allow you to keep your prospect and customer information in a central database. This provides easy access across the organization. No need to spend time digging through scattered files to access the right information

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Track your Buyer's journey

WorksLeader can help you to easily manage all your prospects. You can keep track of every interaction including emails and phone calls. So you can track your buyer's journey and accordingly reach out to them with the relevant content at the right time

Track your Buyer's Journey


Reporting and Analytics

CRM reports provide a detailed snapshot of your sales. WorksLeader offers a variety of reports that you can leverage to improve your bottom line.

Explre Reporting and Analytics

WorksLeader has Everything you Need to Push your Enterprise Ahead of the Crowd.

Packed with features and tools, WorksLeader is a one-stop-shop to meet all the business requirements of your enterprise.


WorksLeader offers PunchOut-ready eCommerce stores to increase your business reach. Connect your site with cXML or OCI PunchOut to your buyer's eProcurement system. We have PunchOut integrations with a range of eProcurement applications like JD Edwards, Oracle, Coupa, SciQuest (Jaggaer), SAP, etc.

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Third-Party Integrations

WorksLeader can easily integrate with some of the popular third-party software applications like accounting systems, CRM, ERP, etc. This can help enterprises to streamline their business processes.

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Professional Services

Need some features and functionality that we do not currently support? Our team of engineers can take customization requests and turn them around quickly

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