Sell Automobile Parts and Shift Your Online Business to the Fifth Gear

With a robust eCommerce , sales quoting, CRM, catalog management, and inventory and suppliers management solution, WorksLeader is a complete solution to sell automobile and car parts both online and offline.

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Sales Quotation

Catalog Management

Inventory and Supplier Management

Sell Auto Parts Online

Sleek eCommerce templates

Sell your automobile parts and equipment online with WorksLeader. Shift your online automobile sales into overdrive with beautifully designed eCommerce templates. Custom design your auto-parts store with easy drag and drop features or choose from our stylish and elegant pre-designed templates.

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Sell Auto Parts Online

100% whitelabelled

Custom-design your store and sell automobile product and parts online. Enhance the store with your branding and make it completely your own.

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Sell Auto Parts Online

Performance-inspired responsiveness

All our eCommerce templates are responsive and adapt to various screen sizes. Truly engineered for perfection!

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Sell Auto Parts Online

Progressive marketing features

New-age marketing features to adapt to the quick-shifting digital landscape. With WorksLeader you can optimize the SEO of your store and export your catalog to various marketplaces like Amazon, Google, etc.

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Sell Auto Parts Online

Dynamic 3rd party integrations

WorksLeader is designed for speed. Speed in your daily processes. Our application integrates with various popular ERP, CRM, and accounting software to introduce agility and automation in cumbersome tasks by taking away manual data entry.

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A Cutting-Edge Sales Quotation Application

Classic and Clean Templates

Create sales quotes in minutes

Accelerate quote creation with a vast library of pre-designed quote templates which can easily be customized. Add products from your catalog to quotes or create a new item on the go.

Add More Power to Your Quotes

Top-level functionalities without paying top-dollar

Add upsell or cross-sell suggestions, collaterals like worksheets, product guidelines, etc., internal or external notes, and a lot more with unlimited user-defined fields. Maintain the price history for each item quoted in the past to always have a reference guide when quoting. Send a quick quote with just an email address.

Simplify Quote Creation

A robust CPQ tool and complex quoting features

Create configurable products and services to automate pricing of complex products at the time of quote creation. Create custom bundles on the fly or search and add a preconfigured bundle from the catalog to the quote. Create your own serial or parallel approval workflow rules for quoting based on various criteria like price, margin, payment method, etc.

Sell Automobiles to the Government

Local, State, and Federal

We support businesses for hundreds of state and local contracts including some large federal contracts like DHS FirstSource, Netcents, SEWP, Eagle, ITES-2H & ITES-3H, ECS, etc,. and more. WorksLeader will help you meet the requirements of all these contracts. We also have in-built features like contract catalogs, pricing, etc. designed for businesses that sell to the Government.

Integrated Quoting and CRM Solution

Efficiently manage the lifecycle of a quote

Look 'under the hood' with past quotes and transaction history while creating a quote, gain enhanced visibility into the stages of quotation, manage leads and opportunities cleverly, make accurate and on-point sales forecasts and a lot more with WorksLeaders integrated quotation and CRM module.

Optimized Catalog Management

Hassle-Free Catalog Maintenance

Easily upload products to your WorksLeader automobile product catalog either one by one or upload multiple products in bulk at one go. FTP utility for automated upload and updates is also available. Maintaining a catalog once uploaded is also super easy.

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Optimized Catalog Management

Enhance Quotations with Rich Content

Enter almost anything and everything you have about a particular product. Manufacturer part, model, brand, categories, small description, long description, price, cost, MSRP, multiple images, videos, related products, technical specifications, product attributes like colour, size, etc., or absolutely anything else!

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Optimized Catalog Management

Advanced Filtering

Build your own catalog and add different attributes or keywords that your users can use for filtering the catalog. For e.g. in the case of engine parts, attributes can be make, model, year, etc. This is over and above the filtering by brands, price, and categories.

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Optimized Catalog Management

Fast and Intuitive Search

WorksLeader search engine is extremely fast and powerful. It provides intuitive search hints after the first 3 characters are typed. Search keywords and filter them based on various filters already available or add your own attributes for further filtering.

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Supplier and Inventory Management

Add suppliers for each product

Detailed product data from each automobile parts supplier

Customize supplier information by product. Add one or multiple suppliers for each individual SKU in your catalog along with cost and MSRP and any other information that must be added.

Add inventory for products

Complete control over your automobile parts inventory

Add inventory for each item when you add them to your catalog. Adjust your inventory by adding or subtracting your inventory as needed.

Real-time tabs on inventory

Never run out-of-stock

Super-intuitive inventory control that automatically adjusts the inventory based on online sales of an item or a confirmed quotation.

Let WorksLeader be the Engine that Transports Your Automobile Parts Business to Another Level


PunchOut integrations with all popular eProcurement software like Ariba, Oracle, Workday, J.D. Edwards, SAP, and more.

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Reports and Analytics

An extensive reporting module that allows you to generate comprehensive reports to get clear visibility into your entire business process. Integrations with analytics tools like Google Analytics, Clicky, Mint, etc. to track and monitor your traffic.

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Professional Services

Need some features and functionality that we do not currently support? Our team of engineers can take customization requests and turn them around quickly

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