An All-in-One Business Management Software for SMB

WorksLeader is a one-stop shop for all your business needs. It is an all-in-one business management software for SMB that forms a suite of enterprise applications. It covers eCommerce , catalog management, sales quoting, CRM, supplier inventory, and procurement. All these applications seamlessly integrate with each other thereby enabling you to automate your business processes

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B2B eCommerce

Sales Quotation Software

Catalog Management

CRM Tool

Building your Ecommerce Store

Create your Website without having any Coding Knowledge

The platform comes with drag-and-drop feature that eliminates the need to know programming languages like HTML and CSS to design and create your website. Just drag and drop pre-made content blocks on the page layout to design your store.

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Building your Ecommerce Store

A highly customizable eCommerce platform

WorksLeader business management platform for SMB comes with a wide collection of eCommerce templates/themes that you can customize to match your branding needs. You can add your own company's name, logo. etc., and have full control over the look and feel of your store.

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Building your Ecommerce Store

Mobile Commerce Platform

All WorksLeader stores are responsive which means your website will display perfectly on a variety of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets

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Building your Ecommerce Store

Integrate your WorksLeader store with third-party applications

From CRM and ERP software to shipping carriers and payment gateways, WorksLeader stores integrate with an array of third-party applications to streamline your business processes and eliminate manual rekeying of data.

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Building your Ecommerce Store

Use marketing tools to grow your business

WorksLeader comes with a plethora of marketing tools like SEO features, catalog export to marketplaces and shopping comparison sites can help drive traffic to your site. WorksLeader's reports and analytics can give you good insights about your store's performance.

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One-of-a-Kind Sales Quoting Software

Pre-built Templates

Get access to professionally designed sales quoting templates

You can create attractive sales quotes with our beautifully designed quote templates that are completely customizable. For instance, you can add your company logo and change the text font and color schemes to match your company's brand.

Quote Generation

Inject speed into your quoting process and boost sales.

Create quotes without spending too much time. Add products from your catalog to your quotes with just a few clicks. You can either add products one by one or bulk import all products.

Quote on the fly

Create quotes without adding much information

Just enter an email address to create a quote. There is no need to enter contact details. Add products to the quote and send. You can put additional details later if the quote gets accepted.

Complex Quoting

Create some of the most complex quotes in a matter of minutes

WorksLeader makes it easy to sell complex products. When you are selling a range of possible configurations and bundles WorksLeader can help you to configure, price, and quote products with 100% accuracy. Respond faster to inquiries with reliable quotes.

Quoting for Government Contracts

Selling to the Government made easy

WorksLeader quoting module comes with various features like contract catalog, ability to apply contract pricing, which can help SMBs to sell to the government

eCommerce Product Catalog Management

Product Catalog for eCommerce and Sales Quoting

If you don't follow the right approach, managing a product catalog can be a huge challenge. WorksLeader with its super-efficient catalog management system can help to maintain product data accurately. You get a well-structured catalog that enhances the online shopping experience

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eCommerce Product Catalog Management

Effortlessly Create and Publish Your Catalog

Paper catalogs as well as their soft copies can be converted into the required digital format. Whether your catalog is in Excel, HTML, XML, or PDF, it can be converted into an online catalog for your customers.

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eCommerce Product Catalog Management

Add Unlimited Products to Your Catalog

Expand your product catalog with as many products as you want. There is absolutely no limit on the number of products you can add to your product catalog. Scale your catalog without diminishing the performance of your eCommerce store

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eCommerce Product Catalog Management

Catalog Management Service

WorksLeader has a team of professionals that provide various services such as content processing/management, data building/indexing, image editing, etc., to ensure consistent product information across all sales channels.

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Manage Purchase Order Easily

Create, Send and Manage Purchase Orders like a Pro

Check pricing from multiple distributors before placing an order. Convert sales order to purchase order (PO) with a single click. Make rules to automate the PO process. WorksLeader will automatically create the purchase order and send it to the right distributor. You can create an automated workflow from quote to purchase order without any manual intervention.

Split and Partial Purchase Order

Split sales order into multiple POs

WorksLeader supports order splitting. It is possible to split a large sales order across multiple POs. WorksLeader allows you to convert one sales order into multiple purchase orders. or you can even combine multiple sales order to create a single purchase order

Accelerate Turnaround Times

Ensure compliance for every transaction

WorksLeader gives you the flexibility to decide your approval criteria based on Manufacturer, Supplier, Purchase Order value, etc.. Eliminate time-consuming tasks and speed up quote turnaround times with WorksLeader

End-to-End Tracking

Shipment Notification and Serial Number Tracking

With WorksLeader procurement software you can easily track and monitor shipment. You can easily upload shipment notifications and tracking numbers to every product. Automatically send email notifications to customers for order tracking.


Better understand your customers

WorksLeader comes with an integrated CRM that can provide good insights into your customer needs. With CRM software at your disposal, you can store all your customer-related information in one place. This will help to centralize and streamline your interactions with customers. You can also track your customer's purchase history to anticipate their needs.

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Lead and Opportunity Management

WorksLeader can help you to streamline your lead and opportunity management activity. It provides a unified interface to manage your sales pipeline. Worksleader automatically captures leads and will show you which leads you should prioritize first. You can know which leads become opportunities and subsequently convert into sales

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Reporting and Analytics

WorksLeader comes with a powerful set of reports that can give you a good idea of what is happening in the business.. CRM reporting can help you to make strategic business decisions that improve revenue. You can track business performance and accordingly make changes to increase productivity.

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WorksLeader will give your SMB the strategic edge it needs

WorksLeader has all the software tools your business needs to help it grow and expand


WorksLeader provides PunchOut-ready eCommerce stores to attract large customers. We have PunchOut integrations with popular eProcurement systems like Ariba, PeopleSoft, SciQuest (Jaggaer), Coupa, JD Edwards, etc., that are commonly used by B2B buyers

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Third-Party Integrations

WorksLeader business management software for SMB comes with strong integration capabilities and will easily connect with various software applications like ERP, CRM, and accounting systems. You can even request for a custom integration.

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Professional Services

Need some features and functionality that we do not currently support? Our team of engineers can take customization requests and turn them around quickly

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