Procurement / Sourcing Management – Helps you source Right!

WorksLeader BackOffice dramatically streamlines the procurement process by helping you quickly and efficiently convert quotes/carts into Sales Orders and Sales Orders into Purchase Orders with just a few clicks. Since you have the supplier information for each of the products, procurement manager can ensure that the product is procured from the right source, without unnecessary duplicate data entry. WorksLeader manages and tracks everything through the full transaction lifecycle, including order status and shipping from multiple suppliers.

Create, Send and Manage Purchase Orders

WorksLeader allows you to create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order in just one click. Because WorksLeader enables you to have supplier information available for each product, you can check multi-supplier pricing or inventory while creating a Purchase Order. You can also provide Remarks, Comments, and additional Shipment Information on Purchase Orders and send them on to your preferred supplier using WorksLeader. You can even create a PO for your own warehouse needs for stocking items.

Automated Purchase Order Creation

In WorksLeader, you can automate the process of creating a Purchase Order by setting up certain rules. If you set up a confirmed cart or sales Quote, WorksLeader automatically creates and sends the Purchase Order to the best possible distributor without another thought. This helps create a seamless work flow from quote to sale to purchase order.

Approval Workflow in Purchasing

WorksLeader comes with a very robust approval workflow for procurement, allowing you to set up Approval criteria based on Supplier, Purchase Order Value, Manufacturer, and Warehouse, and any other relevant data. This feature is important because by automating the criteria necessary for the approval of a Purchase Order, you can cut through the additional time needed to manually approve them.

Split Purchase Order and Partial Purchase Order

WorksLeader is versatile in managing the relationship between Purchase Orders and Sales Orders. You can convert one Sales Order into multiple Purchase Orders or you can combine multiple Sales Orders and create one single Purchase Order.

Shipment Notification and Serial Number Tracking Information

WorksLeader helps you to easily load shipment notifications and serial number tracking. Also if WorksLeader is integrated with the supplier system or your own ERP, we can also directly pull this information from those systems.

Professional Services

For Suppliers that have electronic catalogs and online Purchase Orders, WorksLeader can built integration with the supplier system directly so that the catalog gets automatically updated in your system and the Purchase Order can be sent electronically. WorksLeader can also be used to do real time inventory check with the supplier before creating PO. If you need any additional customization to your purchase order system, let us know and we can build it out for you.