Supplier & Inventory

WorksLeader Supplier and Inventory Control utility ensures that every product and transaction is taken care of from the beginning to the end. WorksLeader manages inventory, suppliers, the procurement process, and purchase orders for you, ensuring that your business has nothing to worry about except continued growth and increasing sales.

Add suppliers for each product

WorksLeader allows you to customize your supplier information by product. Simply when you are adding your catalog, you can also add one or multiple suppliers for each individual SKU along with cost and MSRP and any other information that must be added.

Add Inventory for Products

WorksLeader also allows you to add inventory for each item when you are adding to your catalog. When you need to adjust your inventory, you have the ability to do so by adding or subtracting your inventory as needed.

Inventory Control

WorksLeader is also intuitive in that when a product eventually is bought on your Store or a Quote that you sent is approved and you convert that into a Confirmed Sale, WorksLeader automatically adjusts the inventory by the number of items sold. This helps you keep real-time tabs on your inventory and enables you to adjust it as needed.

Professional Services

WorksLeader is working towards enhancing the inventory control functionality but in the meantime if you have any other needs we can definitely handle that through professional services. Our team is fully determined to help your business succeed in every way possible, so do not hesitate to provide us feedback on how we can help you reach your goals.