Support Process

Tickets are prioritized as following:


Reported issue prevents customer from accessing the WorksLeader application, or affects operation of major product functions.


Reported issue affects consistent operation of major product functions or data sets, and requests to enable/disable specific modules.


Reported issue involves time-sensitive product knowledge or assistance.


Reported issue has little or no impact on a customer’s use of WorksLeader, and requests for basic product knowledge.

Then the tickets are triaged and a resource is assigned to it. Based on the priority the ticket is worked as following:

First Response

Within couple of hours of ticket being created.


For issues confirmed to be bugs, Ticket moved to Development. For all other issues, Communications (in any form) to the customers with answer, information, additional training link (if applicable) are provided


If customer contacts us with extenuating circumstances after initial prioritization, the request is escalated internally for higher prioritization and resolution.