WorksLeader Channel Commerce Suite

WorksLeader Channel Commerce Suite

WL Channel Commerce suite is for distributors and manufacturers who want to provide an online sales platform for their channel partners.Managing sales channels can be complex. It takes a lot of time and energy in managing the relationship. WL Channel Commerce gives you complete control of your channels to maintain a strong relationship with them.

This Channel Commerce engine is created to enable smooth flow of information and transactions between the Manufacturer/Distributors and their channel partners. By transporting the entire business online, this channel commerce suite brings Manufacturer/Distributor and their channel partners in one single eco system.

How does it work for manufacturers/distributors:

  • A private labelled version of WorksLeader equipped with the manufacturers/distributers specific catalog and pricing is either entered directly into WL Channel Commerce suite or pulled through the integration with their ERP.
  • This gives them a branded E-Commerce store where their channel partners can log in and browse, compare, buy products etc.
  • Each store is then configured for every unique login so you are able to customize the look and feel as well as catalog and pricing for every partner.
  • For Channel Partners who are not comfortable buying online can also Request a Quote from Distributor/Manufacturer through the RFQ functionality on the store which can be easily converted into a quote and responded in no time by the Manufacturer/Distributor through the Quoting Module.

We can also integrate WorksLeader with the Distributors/Manufacturers ERP for a smooth flow of catalog from the ERP into the suite. Through this integration WL can also send confirmed shopping carts into the distributors/Manufacturers ERP for fulfillment.

How does it work for Reseller/Channel Partners

  • Manufacturer/Distributor can offer the power of WorksLeader Business Management Suite to all of their Partners (Or Key Partners).
  • The catalog flows directly from Manufacturer Channel Commerce Software to Partners business management suite automatically.
  • Partners get the same ability where they can set up their own E-Commerce software for the end customers to buy online through them.
  • Once an order is created on store, it can either automatically or manually converted into a purchase order for the Distributor/Manufacturer. The Reseller can also combine multiple such orders and create one Single PO.
  • Resellers will also get the power of WorksLeader Quoting and CRM module to manage their day-to-day businesses.

Advantages for Manufacturer / Distributor

  1. Brings all the resellers in one Eco System thereby enabling ease of doing business and efficient flow of transactions.
  2. Helps increase reseller business and loyalty thereby automatically increasing their business.
  3. Since it can integrate with their ERP, it enables touchless transaction, saving tremendous amount of time, energy and resources.

Advantages for Resellers/Channel Partners

  1. They get the power of WorksLeader business management suite to improve business efficiency and have complete control over their processes.
  2. Streamlines their quoting and procurement processes and gives them all information at their fingertip.
  3. Ease of doing business with increased revenue and profitability by becoming a part of Manufacturer/Distributor’s unified Eco System.